Get your MMJ Card in Lancaster City

Medical marijuana can alleviate your pain. Get your MMJ card to begin your journey today.

How it works

Prequalification Form

You start by filling out a basic medical form that has questions pertaining to your medical history. This questionnaire is forwarded to the medical cannabis doctor to save time

Get A 420 Evaluation

You then move on to have a face to face conversation with the cannabis doctor. This is also the time that you can ask any questions regarding medical cannabis from the doctor.

Receive Your Recommendation

Finally, once you are through with the 420 evaluation you will finally receive your medical marijuana recommendation. You can finally make your way to a dispensary to get your cannabis medication

Planning to get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Lancaster – Get 420 Evaluations in just a few Minutes

Medical Marijuana therapy has proven to be highly effective giving the best results for patients suffering critical and painful diseases. There are several dangerous health conditions that become resistant to traditional medicines and show no sign of improvement, hence turning to MMJ treatment is the best option as it quite helpful in managing your symptoms.

Here at Lancaster, it is easy to apply for a Medical Marijuana card. Not just easy, but our process is safe, 100% legal, quick and hassle-free! All you have to do is get your 420 evaluations done by our certified medical marijuana doctors who have a very compassionate heart for their patients, thus making you feel totally relaxed and comfortable throughout the evaluation process. The telemedicine process is extremely simple and quick.

Our medical specialists have great knowledge about Medical Marijuana and the health benefits it offers to cure and heal your severe health conditions. They not just help you get easy and quick MMJ recommendations, but also recommend you the best MMJ products that are effective for your prevailing health conditions.

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Increased Access To Dispensaries

Even in states where medical marijuana is legal, there are plenty of dispensaries that only stock and sell medical marijuana. To gain access to these dispensaries one needs to get a medical marijuana card.

Higher Grow Limits

In Lancaster City, recreational users can grow 6 plants. But as a medical marijuana user, you are allowed to grow twice that amount. You can grow more if you apply for and get a special growers license. .

Legal Security

A medical marijuana card can often be the difference between a misdemeanor and walking free. Especially when you are driving or flying with medical marijuana. You get peace of mind along with other benefits.

Age Limits

Recreational cannabis is only available to adults over the age of 21. On the other hand, medical marijuana can be used by anyone over the age of 18 with the help of a doctor’s recommendation for cannabis.

Save Money

An MMJ card can help you save a lot of money. This is especially applicable if you have a medical condition and need to buy marijuana frequently to alleviate your condition. MMJ card grants you a tax break.

Higher Potency And Limits

Medical marijuana cardholders are allowed to purchase 2,000mg of cannabinoids in comparison to the 1,000mg limit imposed on recreational users. A medical user can carry up to 8 ounces of dried flower..

Telemedicine Services

We offer the best healthcare consultations remotely. The remote patient-doctor interface enables us to provide quick and easy evaluations and personal consultation with Medical Marijuana doctors in Lanchester. Our entire team of doctors is board certified and holds a valid license for giving out MMj recommendations.

HIPAA Compliance

Our telemedicine platform is HIPAA compliant. Under this law, the only three entities on this planet are aware that you have a medical marijuana card. These people are your doctor, the dispensary, and you. Apart from this, no third party has access to your information. Making this whole process very safe.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

There is always a chance that one does not qualify for a medical marijuana card. In the event that you do not qualify for a medical marijuana card or face any inconvenience during the process in Lanchester, the money you have spent till that point is immediately refunded.

Same-Day Cannabis Access

Once you are through with the 420 evaluation, irrespective of whether it is online or walk-in, your medical marijuana recommendation will allow you to access a medical marijuana dispensary and cannabis on the same day. So, you get same-day access when you get an MMJ recommendation from us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get a medical marijuana card online?

Yes, if you live in a state that allows you to obtain a medical marijuana card online you should get one. It is a lot more convenient and is also advised during these times. Just ensure that you get

How long is a medical marijuana card valid for?

An MMJ card is valid for a year from the date of issue, beyond which one needs to seek a renewal.

Does insurance cover the cost of medical cannabis?

Unfortunately, no insurance provider at this time gives out a plan that covers cannabis as a medicine. Cannabis is still illegal as per federal norms which makes it tough for insurance companies to cover it as a form of medication.

How does one qualify for a medical marijuana card?

To qualify for a medical marijuana card one needs to have a qualifying condition as mentioned in the California Proposition 215, along with the revised senate bill 420. Some of the most common qualifying conditions include arthritis, anorexia, HIV/ AIDS, cachexia, chronic pain, severe nausea, Glaucoma, and persistent muscle spasms.  

Is it important to get a medical marijuana card even though recreational cannabis is available?

It is not essential to get a medical marijuana card but it is advised that one does get one especially if they are a medical patient as that gives them access to multiple benefits along with a tax break.


Clients Says

“They are professional, personal, and provide great care for all their patients. The wait was really short and the doctor was nice. I highly recommend this place for all your recommendation needs.”

Stacy Waller

“My experience while getting my rec was great. It was quick and I was in and out in 25 minutes give or take. The doctor was really patient and I managed to have a great conversation with him as well..”

William Davidson

Rules Regarding Cannabis In Lancaster City, CA

Getting cannabis is not as straightforward as walking into a dispensary and asking for cannabis. There are some rules and regulations in place that everyone needs to follow for the safe consumption of cannabis.
The rules in Lancaster City are similar to the one followed all over California.
The law states that;

  • Only adults over the age of 21 are allowed to possess and consume cannabis.
  • Possession is capped for recreational users at 28.5gLam of plant material and 8g of concentrated cannabis.
  • You are not allowed to buy or sell to minors.
  • It is illegal to drive under the influence of cannabis
  • Any bag containing cannabis cannot be opened in public
  • It is illegal to cross state lines with cannabis
  • Only state-licensed dispensaries are allowed to sell marijuana.

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