The cannabis space is constantly expanding. It’s no surprise that there are new inclusions every day and the potential is immense. In order to earn the legal right to own cannabis, you need to have a medical marijuana recommendation in Lancaster. Well, nanotechnology has finally arrived in cannabis-based medicine. The potential is promising. Imagine a world where tiny nanorobots—a thousand times smaller when compared to the breadth of human hair. The robot would deliver the cannabinoid to the specified point of endocannabinoid receptors.  This might seem far-fetched but researchers are constantly working to excel in the field of nanomedicine. 

Cannabis is a storehouse of beneficial terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. Scientists are constantly discovering new things about the herb to equip us with the full range of benefits. Combining it with nanomedicine, you can use cannabis in a better way utilizing its full potential. 

What is Nano-medicine?

Scientists possess the knowledge to manipulate substances on an atomic scale. Here we are talking in the range of 1-100 nanometers. So, that’s the minuscule level. The US Nanotechnology Initiative mentions that substances behave very differently at a nanoscale. They have better electrical conductance, light reflection, chemical reactivity, and higher strength. The best thing about this is that nanotechnology can easily be applied to solids, liquids, and gases to provide the full-spectrum of benefits they offer. 

So, applying nanotechnology to the field of medicine holds a lot of potential and when we talk about cannabis, it’s even more evident. Many industries are already utilizing it. For instance, computer circuits are using nanotubes for better power, and pharma companies are using it in the medicines for better and targeted absorption. The field is relatively vast. The doctors spend a considerable amount of time in figuring out the best substances for nanotechnology and how they will behave with respect to other particles. Nanoparticles can be used to generate heat, deliver stem cells, or be radioactive and metallic. 

A lot of applications are still under process and scientists are constantly working to present us with the best information. By combining it with cannabis, we realize that the medical scene is about to upgrade forever. 

Drug Dosage

Nanotechnology finds heavy use in the area of drug delivery. It works by delivering the substances directly at the target site. This is very useful for conditions like cancer that is relatively tough to treat. Researchers can even engineer nanoparticles to target directly the diseased cell and block it from binding to the healthy cells. For instance, scientists at MIT have created nanoparticles that deliver medicines to tumors. In one more interesting application, scientists created a nanoparticle that hunts hydrogen peroxide in the inflamed tissue and releases a substance that can target the heart disease. 

Cannabis And Nanotechnology

Combining cannabis with nanotechnology opens a new window of opportunity for treating a lot of diseases. These include multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease. Nanotechnology is very useful in the sense that it can help us identify the disease beforehand and take the necessary measure by sending the required cannabinoid to the target point. So, even if a single cell is damaged, you will be able to target it effectively. You can even design a nanorobot to target a specific endocannabinoid receptor and curb the entire inflammatory response. 

The cannabis delivery through nanorobots is slowly gaining traction because there is considerable research in work that will bring more benefits for the society. Well, this technique holds a lot of potential. We can make it more effective by using specific strains that have the properties for treating certain conditions. 

A Cannabis Doctor Can Help You Better

Since nanotechnology is pretty new in cannabis space, you would want to be sure about its effectiveness. A doctor is someone who is qualified to help you through his  expertise and knowledge about cannabis. They are aware of the latest studies in cannabis space and can educate you about the full potential of using nanorobots. So, you can get the full information regarding the right approach towards using cannabis for your health. 

Since we are battling the pandemic, our approach towards life has changed. Similarly, our approach towards using cannabis also needs an upgrade. Most people prefer to ingest cannabis in the form of smoke. Well, it also inflames the lungs. Since COVID-19 is a pulmonary disease, smoking increases the risk of contracting the virus. So, smoking is obviously not a safe practice this time. Instead, you should explore other options of using cannabis like edibles, sprays, oils, tinctures, etc. These methods are safer and don’t carry the side-effects of smoking. 

Well, you still need to be a bit careful while using the edibles because they hit you late. So, it can take up to 2 hours to show any possible effect. So, if you ingest too much, you would feel paranoid and weird. Obviously, you wouldn’t want that. So, you should start slow and figure out a dose that works for your body. The doctor can screen your health and suggest you a dose that works for your body. Plus, you can stay informed about using the herb through nanorobots. 

Get a Medical Marijuana Recommendation in Lancaster

To get the ticket to using cannabis for your health, you need to have an MMJ recommendation. It gives you legal access to the herb without any possible hassle. To get your cannabis card, you need to find a certified clinic. For that, you can go through the ratings and reviews. After that, have a look at the certifications because they serve as proof that a clinic can be trusted. Plus, check if they have a physical address. Combine all these factors to select the best clinic for yourself. 

Once you find the clinic, you can proceed with the steps to get your recommendation. The entire process is easy. Thanks to telemedicine. Follow this process: 

1) Submit Your Form

Start by filling a simple application form. You just need to mention your details like age, address, documentation, and health history. The clinic goes through your details and links you to a certified cannabis doctor. 

2) Interact With The Doctor

The doctor video calls you and tries to understand your symptoms. The main aim of this process is to check if you have a qualifying medical condition that can be managed with the help of cannabis. The doctor might ask you some questions to gain a better understanding of your health. You can do the same and find a solution to your queries. 

3) Get Your Card 

If you qualify, and the doctor approves your request, you get the legal right to own a cannabis card. The clinic sends a digital copy via email and a hard copy on request. 

So, with a medical marijuana recommendation in Lancester, you can introduce yourself to a soothing cannabis experience. Getting back to nanorobots, all we know is that it holds immense potential. With more research, we’ll get to know about the full spectrum of benefits it offers. All we can expect now is a better future for all of us and cannabis to be a part of it.