Cannabis has become a part of life for many people now. The popularity of this magical herb has increased a lot in the past few years. Now, more and more people are considering using cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes. By getting a medical cannabis card in Lancaster, you can buy medical cannabis for your condition. Medical cannabis can help in managing symptoms associated with various health conditions. These may include cancer, arthritis, PTSD, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, Crohn’s disease, chronic pain, and many more. 

Whether you smoke cannabis for medical uses or recreational uses, not finding your grinder at the right time can be a little frustrating. A grinder makes things a lot easier for any cannabis smoker. It helps in grinding your cannabis with ease and saves you a lot of time. A grinder enhances your experience with cannabis. What if you are ready with everything, the mood is set, but then you can not find the grinder? While it may help you break down your buds in a pinch, it is still an accessory. You can still break up your cannabis without the help of a grinder. There are many methods that can help you grind your cannabis if you can not find a grinder. We are going to learn about those methods today. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Method 1. Breaking up Your Buds With Your Hands

It is time for you to get back to the basics. When I started smoking cannabis, I did not use a grinder. I always used to break apart my buds by using my own hands. It just built some kind of relationship with my buds. And I still use my fingers only to break up my buds. If you have never done this before, do not worry, it is very easy.

For this old school method, you just have to make a shape of a bowl with one hand. Then use the other hand to pick at your cannabis and break it apart. Trust me, it is a very rewarding experience. However, it does have one downside. Cannabis is a sticky herb, and it can get a bit tedious when you break down your cannabis by using your fingers. 

Speak of “getting your hands dirty. ” When you pick apart your cannabis flowers by using your hands, the resin will build up around your hands. This resin is loaded with high levels of THC. So, you would not want to waste it. Just grab your credit card or a key and scrape this resin off your hands. Then smoke this resin in a joint or bong to get an extra kick. This is also one of the most traditional and oldest ways to make hash. Also, you get the chance to get up close and personal with the aroma and texture of your strains.

Method 2. Use Parchment Papers

If you do not want to get your hands dirty, then you should use parchment papers or wax paper. You have to use this paper as a barrier between your cannabis and your hands. You will not have to worry about dealing with the sticky and aromatic resin afterward. There will be no resin building around your hands when you use parchment or wax paper as a barrier.

Well, you can use almost any paper product for this method. But it is advisable to choose parchment papers because of its waxy surface. There will be nothing to worry about the resin building around your hand. You just have to cut a few pieces up and then use them to create barriers. Before you start picking up your cannabis, place these pieces between your fingers. You can also use these pieces to create barriers and smash them with heavier objects.

Method 3. Use a Coin And Container

I really love this one. This is one of the easiest ways to break down your cannabis without the help of a grinder. This method is especially helpful if you have tougher buds. In this method, you just have to put your buds along with a coin (or a few) into a container. Then close the lid, and start giving it a good shake, and the coin will start doing its work. 

Make sure that the container you are using is sturdy. This method can help you even with dense and sticky buds. The thrashing coin in a confined area will break them up easily and then you can use it for a great cannabis experience. One more thing you need to remember is that never use a plastic bag or container for this method. The coin can tear a hole in your plastic and spill your bus everywhere. Instead, choose a breath mint tins as a container for this method.

Method 4. Scissors And a Shot Glass

This one is really going to help you if you are at a party. All you need is a shot glass and some sharp scissors for this method. Well, there is no denial about scissors being the perfect companion for trimmers. But you can also use small scissors post-processing to get neat and nicely cut cannabis. You will be able to break down even the larger buds.

This method is also a little tedious and will give you really nice and evenly cut. Now, there are two main reasons for using a shot glass. The first reason is that a shot glass has high walls. This will help in presenting any cannabis from falling out when you are chipping them. The second reason is that it has a small diameter. This helps in keeping your cannabis together.

Method 5. Use a Coffee Grinder

While all the methods I mentioned above are great and will give you some evenly cut cannabis buds. But when it comes to breaking up large quantities of cannabis, those methods will not be very efficient. But don’t worry, there is something that can help you – a coffee grinder. Yes, a coffee grinder can help you in breaking large quantities of cannabis.

The process is very simple, you just have to put your buds in the grinder and then grind it as you would do with coffee beans. The process is simple and similar to grinding coffee beans. Again, do not forget about the resin that might build up inside the grinder. You can collect this resin with the help of a key and credit card. Use a credit card or keys to scrape the resin off the surface of the grinder, and smoke it from some extra kick.

While you are planning on using a coffee grinder to break apart your cannabis, you need to wash the grinder before and after the use. It is very important to wash and dry it thoroughly. This way the aroma of your cannabis and/or coffee will not be contaminated.